• December 1, 2022
  • KawatraCpa
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The perfect gift at the Christmas season brings delight and joy for both the gift and giver. As the tinsel and bows are left scattered on the floor, prudent minds wander ahead to the concerns of the new year. How will I pay for all this? The ball drops as we toast and celebrate another new beginning. Shortly after all the fun, arrives the next tax season with complicated tax law questions. Enter the expertise of a CPA, as the gift that keeps on giving. 

 *Complexity of the return. Small businesses can’t afford costly mistakes in tax compliance.  Ever-changing tax laws, create significant complexity of the tax return. Specific industries have very complex accounting and as such, expert is vital to secure a beneficial tax outcome. For many, navigating the daunting changes along with perfecting all calculations, is exhausting. Quite often, mistakes are the dead-end result. While red at the holiday sparks joy, a red flag leading to a tax audit is a guaranteed spoiler overshadowing fresh business plans and incentives.  

*Expertise. As a small business owner, the expertise of a CPA provides generous advantages for many aspects of a business-like financial reporting, tax compliance, tax advisory and tax planning. CPAs dish up distinct advantages (like application of GAAP, GAAS etc.) over other tax professionals (like Enrolled Agents) that qualifies them to be your trusted advisors. An experienced Nashville CPA can make the most difference to decipher the various classes of income like active, portfolio and passive income and its tax implications.  Furthermore, an experienced CPA can collectively sort out tax complexities, the deductions available against the various classes of income, and minimize tax liability to maximize deductions.

*Tax Compliance. With the universal need of tax compliance, CPAs mitigate the tax burden and employ tax saving strategies to help guarantee those generous holiday expenditures get covered. Using experienced strategies, if employed correctly, can make a substantial difference, and reduce tax burden as much as forty (40%) to fifty (50%) percent each year.

*Tax Planning. Just as an auto mechanic employs advanced technology to guarantee repairs, an experienced CPA utilizes their expert tools to navigate with ease the most advantageous return. The skilled CPA directs and formulates the most beneficial tax plan for future filings as well.
To survive and thrive in the current business conditions, hiring a CPA has become standard practice to insure optimal tax preparation, planning, and increased returns.